Direct Cremation Member

Direct cremation is the simplest and least costly cremation option and includes the following:

  • Transportation from the place of death to our facility, (within the 7 county metropolitan area or 25 mile radius of our Duluth location).
  • Holding of human remains for up to 6 days prior to cremation.
  • Crematory Fee.
  • Arrangement conference with a licensed funeral director.
  • Filing and retrieval of all documents and authorizations related to cremation, including the death certificate.

If a death has occurred, please call 612-825-2435 for immediate assistance.

If you would like to preplan a cremation, you can use our online planning guide to purchase a plan.

Member Direct Cremations start at: $1,945

In addition to direct cremation, we offer many services to help personalize an individual’s final arrangements, including facilities for funeral and memorial services, catering, DNA procurement services, etc.

For a detailed breakdown of all of our costs and services, please review our current General Price List.