What is permanent memorialization? 

A permanent memorial is a place where your family can return for generations to come to honor your memory and legacy. You have unlimited options when it comes to choosing your final resting place and a permanent memorial site for your loved ones to visit and honor you. You can choose from private or community mausoleums, glass-front cremation niches, beautiful scattering gardens and more. Below are just some of the options available to you.

We can help you design a beautiful final resting place where your family can find comfort for generations to come. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (612) 200-2777

Mausoleum Options:

Private Family Mausoleum
A private mausoleum structure designed and built specifically for a family. It can serve as the final resting place for multiple family members so they can be laid to rest together.

Indoor Community Mausoleums
A large, community mausoleum with individual spaces. We have various personalization options, so each family can remember and honor their loved one.

Outdoor Community Mausoleums
A large, community mausoleum where families can honor their loved one outside in nature. We have various personalization options, so each family can remember and honor their loved one.

Cremation Options:

Private Cremation Estates
A private area designed to hold the cremated remains of multiple family members. This option is customizable so families can personalize the space to fit their needs and preferences. 

Community Columbariums
A public, above-ground option with individual niches to house urns from different members of the community who have passed.

Glass Front Niches
A glass front niche allows families to personalize their loved ones space in a community columbarium. There is room for families to  display their loved one’s urn alongside photographs and other small momentos. 

Cremation Pedestals
A cremation memorial site that is made of stone and supports a decorative top of your choosing, such as a statue or an urn. We have various personalization options for families to choose from. 

Custom Cremation Gardens
A beautiful option for family members who would like to have their ashes returned to the earth naturally while still having a permanent memorial marker for the family to visit and pay their respects. We can work with you to design a meaningful permanent memorialization marker in the cremation garden to honor your loved one.

Ground Burial Options: 

Private Family Estates
While most burial options are private, family estates allow for multiple family members to be buried in the same area, separated from other plots. It is typically bordered by a low wall or hedge, so families can have a bit of privacy while visiting their loved ones. 

Community Gardens
A beautifully maintained garden designed to be a peaceful, park-like setting for families to remember their loved ones. 

Upright Monument Gardens
Similar to Community Gardens, Upright Monument Gardens are designed to be a peaceful outdoor space for families to gather and remember their loved ones outdoors. Monument Gardens also allow for customizable plaques designed by the family to best represent and share the life of their loved one.