When A Death Occurs

When a death occurs, there are certain processes that must be followed, which depend greatly on where the death has taken place. We encourage you to contact us immediately at the number above for professional advice in guiding you through this difficult process. 

When a Death Occurs at Home

If a death takes place at home and the deceased was under a physician’s care, it is the responsibility of a family member to contact us immediately.

If a death takes place at home and is unexpected, it is crucial that the family dials 911, immediately. This must be done before we are legally able to take a loved one into our care from the home.

When a Death Occurs in a Supervised Care Facility

If a death takes place in a supervised care facility, such as a nursing home or hospital, the facility staff will immediately notify the next-of-kin and the appropriate authorities. If the facility has been provided with our information, they will also notify us at the appropriate time and one of our licensed funeral directors will contact you immediately to guide you through the next steps in the process.