Become a Member

There are many benefits to becoming a member with the Cremation Society of Minnesota. Beginning with a $150.00 savings on the cost of cremation, membership helps to relieve your family and loved ones of some of the stress involved in the final planning stages and ensures your final wishes are known. 

The fee to become a member is $15.00.

There are three options to register as a member:

Online registration and payment.

Print, fill out and mail the membership for with a check.

Schedule an appointment at any of our five locations and one of our experienced staff persons will walk you through the process.

Already a Member?

If you or a loved one are already a registered member and simply need to update your information, this can be done over the phone (612-825-2435), through e-mail ( or by sending a note through regular mail, to any of our five locations. No matter the manner of notification you choose, please include all information you wish to be updated and always include your full name and date of birth.