Jason Riley Malm

Jason Riley Malm 1980 - 2021
Jason passed away unexpectedly and peacefully in his sleep on April 3rd of 2021.  He is survived by immediate family members which include  parents Joann and Michael Malm, his brothers Michael and John Malm, and the love of his life, his daughter Harper Malm. Other family members included his closest cousins John Foderick, Christopher Foderick, Elizabeth and Tim Stewart, Virginia Oas, his aunt Saundra Foderick, uncle John Foderick, his grandmother Lois Malm, along with numerous other family members and friends who will miss him dearly.  He worked at Simcote Steel Operation in St. Paul for a dedicated 13 years.  A private service will be determined at a later date. We are grateful that he touched our lives with his love and loyalty to family, his creative sense of humor, and is forever in our hearts