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Becoming A Member

Becoming a Member of the Cremation Society of Minnesota has many benefits. Completing the registration form answers all the questions that will be needed some day to complete a death certificate and also allows an individual to sign and approve their own future cremation. Becoming a member will save your survivors money because members cremation prices are lower than non-members. Download and print our Membership Form below and mail it to our Minneapolis location. Our staff will process your registration form and mail you wallet ID Cards, a certificate of membership and acknowledgement letter.  There is a one-time $15.00 registration fee to set up your membership and paperwork.


Register Online Download Membership Form


Many members will also choose to prepay the cost of their cremation at today’s cost by having our staff place the funds in a protected simple life insurance policy. Over time the insurance policy will generate a small amount of interest. At the time of death the Cremation Society of Minnesota will perform the members cremation in exchange for the insurance policy. Should the member move or relocate near the time of death and their survivors wish to use a funeral or cremation provider more accessible to them, the policy is transferable to any funeral home in the U.S.

When someone has prepaid in full at our current costs their cremation becomes “guaranteed”. This means that their cremation will not cost any more than what they have already paid. Their survivors will not pay more, even if the value of the insurance policy is hundreds of dollars less than our future cost. Cremation Society of Minnesota will make up the difference in the form of a discount at the time of death.


Payment Plan:

Payments can be made once a month, every three months, or what meets your financial schedule. We request that payments be made in minimum amounts of $200.00. Include your, or the member’s full name and date of birth when making each payment to ensure payments are applied to the correct account. We will mail a letter acknowledging each payment received. Registered members making payments are “not locked in” at the current cost of services. Registered members will be mailed newsletters advising of any upcoming price increase so members have the option to pay in full to avoid a price increase.


Your funds will be placed and held in a bank trust account in your name. Once paid in full, we will convert your bank trust into an irrevocable simple one page life insurance policy/annuity policy. Once paid in full, the cost of cremation/funeral services is “locked in, permanently”.


Existing Members Now Wishing to Prepay:

Write and mail us a letter stating you wish to pay in full at this time. Include your, or the members full name and date of birth. We accept personal checks, money orders, cashiers’ checks or cash as payment. We will prepare a simple one page life insurance/annuity policy which will be mailed within two to four weeks to be signed, dated and mailed back in a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Keep the pink copy as your receipt.



Updates and Changes of Information

Information can be updated in your file by calling, emailing, faxing, or by mail. If using a New Member registration form to update information, check the box “I am already a member – please update my information”. Include just the information to be updated, full name and date of birth.


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page for most common questions on membership and prepaying.